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Did you know...

…the top ten items Friends of Breaside have purchased over the last three years?

...on play area surfacing around the trim trail.  The rear, left area of the school’s grounds has been transformed with an all-weather surface where our children can play, let off steam and have fun.

Playground Pack.jpg

....on playground equipment.  An ongoing supply of footballs, netballs, hola-hoops, binoculars, magnifying glasses and so much more to ensure that your children get every playtime opportunity they need.


...on the year six leaver books (annually).  What a journey our children have been on by the end of year six.  Friendships, knowledge, laughter and fun.  Each child leaves with a leavers book bound and presented - a forever keepsake.

Close up of completed area.jpg

...on additional play equipment for the trim trail area.  Even more play time excitement with the addition of games tables, a jelly board and outdoor gym equipment.

Outlast Blocks.jpg

....on Early Years Outdoor Giant Wooden Blocks.  A supply of giant wooden blocks to enable the children to transform role play games into reality.


...on the Living Eggs.  An annual delivery of eggs in an incubator transform into gorgeous little cuddly ducklings, the children are watching all the way through and learn about the precious and delicate awakenings of life.

PA system Rack_edited.jpg

...on a new PA system and microphones for the hall.  We all love to see our little angels on the stage performing their latest master piece, the new PA system will ensure they are heard.

Infant Puzzle.jpg

...on Maths Puzzle days.  An annual visit to the school turns a maths lesson into a fun and exciting team game.  Cleverly disguising times tables, addition, subtraction and division your children work their way through puzzles proving they are much better at maths than they thought they were!

First News.jpg

...on First News and Aquila annual subscriptions. Keeping our junior children engaged in the world around them.


...on Early Years Scooters.  Just what our youngest children need to keep moving at playtime.

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